Short production chain

Our short production chain is our strong point. Thanks to our agricultural production, we are able to produce good products to enjoy on our tables the table. We carefully manage the all phases of growth, with great pride given the results achieved in recent years.

100% natural

Our goal is to produce and preserve the ancient flavors of the past. As far as possible, our products retain their organoleptic properties The production processes are carried by old methods, so as not to alter the natural balance and above all to guarantee our customers the authenticity and taste of the Donnalia fruit brand.

The territory

The blazing sun heats the fertile Sicilian lands and thanks to the sea breeze:
a magical climatic combination makes this island a special place we are proud to belong to.

Sicilian oranges


Three generations of passion

The Di Pasquale company has treasured the wonders of Sicily, giving life to the Donnalia brand, which enhances the values ​​of the best products that nature gives us Sicily a land with rich a rich historical heritage and traditions, colored by wonderful fruits associated with a modern mentality. A great desire to narrate, through packaging that contains the soul of an island that still has a lot to tell through scents and flavours.


Our certifications require safe productions for the consumer, in addition to traceability, respect for the environment and protection of workers’ health. The possession of these allow the Di Pasquale company to operate on the European Markets.

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